Information about Madison

Situated between two lakes, Madison combines elements of a big city while maintaining the feel of a small town. The University of Wisconsin-Madison ensures there is a large student population that drives a bevy of interesting activities throughout the downtown area while a steady local population ensures a large variety of outdoor activities throughout the year as well as indoor fun when the weather turns.

Some points of interest include:
The State Capitol
Situated blocks from the Concourse Hotel the Wisconsin State Capitol was completed in 1917 and is a National landmark. With soaring architecture and beautiful interiors, free tours will show any visitor the immensity of its history.

Wisconsin Historical Musuem
The Wisconsin Historical Museum is a mere 2 minute walk from the Concourse Hotel and shows the history of Wisconsin, beginning with Native Americans up through the present day with an emphasis on Wisconsin politics and frontier life. This free museum is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9-4.

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art(MMOCA)
Located 3 blocks from the Concourse hotel, this museum is attached to the Overture Center For the Arts and visitors can easily spot the works through the large glass windows that wrap along its exterior. It provides a changing set of exhibits of modern art and the rooftop sculpture garden provides a particularly outstanding view of downtown Madison. This free museum will be open 12-5pm for the duration of the conference.

State Street
Walk outside the Concourse’s door and head left to reach the “main street” leading up to the University. This street is filled with shops and restaurants that are popular with both college students and locals alike. Here you will find a cookie shop open until 3am, a pizza place that sells slices using mac&cheese, sweet potato and bbq sauce, as well as shops where you can buy everything from homemade wrapping paper to beard styling cream. Most places are open late and a student crowd ensures that there is always something going on.